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Why Telehealth 

Why Telehealth?

Have you been on the highway lately?  Seriously.


The reason why I offer telehealth is saving time and money for you.  If you live on the opposite side of the city, think of the amount of time, cost of gas, time away from work that you invest to get to the provider’s office.  These costs are not covered by insurance and comes out of your own pocket.  Telehealth is covered by insurance and just as effective as face-to-face service.  You do, however, need a functioning computer of some kind with a webcam,  microphone.  Headphones are helpful.   Phones will not work for EMDR therapy.

Texas is a BIG state and telehealth offers a way for people in remote areas who have access to the internet to be able to get the care that they need.  If you are in one of the bigger cities and there is a shortage of available providers, telehealth allows you to see a provider in a different location.   This shift in healthcare access has been beneficial for people to get the care wouldn’t be able to receive otherwise. 

I am licensed to provide mental health therapy anywhere in Texas.  

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